Our Environment

Building for Australia's future.

Mackellar’s natural environment is arguably what makes it the most beautiful place to live in Australia. It is also a responsibility to make sure that our beaches and wildlife reserve parks remain pristine for future generations. Working with local community groups to implement grass roots solutions remains critical in protecting our environment.

I am proud that in my electorate are some of Australia’s greatest examples of sustainable businesses. The reality is government alone cannot solve this problem. It requires cooperation from business, community groups and individuals to make a lasting change.

Australians recognize that we are home to some of the most unique wildlife and ecosystems on the planet. Building sustainable industries to protect our environment is no longer an option but a necessity. As a nation, Australia has a rare opportunity to become a world leader and exporter when it comes to pioneering sustainable technology. In both high-end manufacturing and developing eco technology our businesses and universities need to be at the forefront of change. Failing to do so will see us playing catch up with lacklustre economic growth and rising unemployment. The most successful businesses and startups even today are those that have an eco-advantage over their competitors. One needs only to think of Tesla as a case in point.  

Most Australians recognize today that the future economics and finance, of the way we live and work cannot ignore climate change.