Stay Positive, Test Negative

Our doctors and nurses are the unsung heroes of communities. During the pandemic it showed us what we already knew. That this country has some of the most talented and altruistic medical professionals the world over. It does not mean that there are not lessons to be learned from the pandemic, only that we have a wealth of talent which we as a government continue to invest in and support.

Even before the pandemic it was evident that change was required to build a health system more capable of responding to the needs of Australians. This was particularly the case in ensuring the long-term sustainability of Medicare and Private Health Insurance (PHI), reducing wait times and filling skill shortages. Good medical care is part of creating a fair Australia, looking after our retirees is part of this country’s commitment to working Australians.

We continue to attract some of the best medical talent int he world and are at the cutting edge of medical technology. Driving this forward requires smarter regulation to promote innovation, PHI reform to promote a sustainable healthcare system and provide hospitals with support.

It is important for the ongoing control of COVID-19 in NSW that anyone who has any symptoms, no matter how mild, continues to get tested immediately and self-isolate until a negative result is received.

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Thank you for considering the heath and safety of yourself and others.