The Arts

Building for Australia's future.

As a second-generation migrant to Australia, our history and culture could not be more important. It is our values and the people that makeup this nation that are the ultimate reason for our nation’s success and prosperity. Any money spent on the arts is an investment in the unique heritage that makes this nation great.  

When my parents fled the Soviet Union it was because they were not free to pursue life as they saw fit. Because you could not start a business or send your child to the school you wanted let alone express yourself through art or even read the books you were interested in. Today, the arts in Australia remains a proud expression of freedom. Our audacious belief that individuals know best how to live their best life, pursue their ambitions and spend their own money. We are unique in Asia for the level of freedom that we have and remains a central reason as to why people from all around the world seek to migrate here and call Australia home.

I am very fortunate in my electorate to have a number of outstanding Australian artists whose artwork is currently on display in my office both in Canberra and locally.