Battle for Australia Day

Battle for Australia Day Commemoration

Every year on the first Wednesday of September we commemorate the Battle of Australia. Acknowledging the bravery of all those who served on the home front protecting our shores during the Second World War.

Mackellar MP, Jason Falinski attended the Dee Why, Battle of Australia commemoration today and paid tribute to all Australians who served during that crucial period.

“The Battle for Australia Day commemorates when Australia came under attack, and recognises those who served in the defence of the Australian mainland during World War Two.” Mr Falinski said.

“Thousands of Australia were engaged in actions against Japanese forces during the Battle for Australia, including those who fought off attacks against the Australian mainland. Today I thanked them for their service on behalf of the people of Mackellar. Without their efforts, we could be living in a very different world today.”

Today also commemorates 80 years since then Prime Minister Robert Gordon Menzies announced the beginning of Australia’s involvement in the Second World War. Around a million Australians served in the war in Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa, south-east Asia and the Pacific.

Earlier in the year, Mr Falinski also commemorated the 77th anniversary of when two Japanese midget submarines entered Sydney Harbour and sunk the HMAS Kuttabul.

“Nineteen Australians also lost their lives when Japanese Midget submarines entered Sydney Harbour and launched a surprise attack in May of 1942 and sunk the HMAS Kuttabul” Mr Falinski said.