Celebrating National Landcare Week

Australians around the country are celebrating a true grassroots success story as National Landcare Week ramps up.

For over 25 years Landcare has shown vision and commitment becoming one of our most enduring and successful environmental movements.  Today Landcare continues to support local communities helping our farmers to keep their land healthy and productive and taking practical action to look after and restore their local environment.

The strong partnership between Landcare and the Australian Government was cemented three years ago with the introduction of the National Landcare Programme.

The Coalition’s National Landcare Programme is based on the principles of simple, local and long-term and supports communities like ours to take practical action to protect our local patch.

Over half a million volunteers have participated in National Landcare projects to date, and this has been a huge contribution to the success of the program. Each of those volunteers has given their time to help make their local environment healthy and keep their farms sustainable and productive. Across the country Landcarers are controlling pests and weeds, improving soil health, protecting vegetation and sharing information on better ways of doing things.   

Here in Mackellar, Landcare groups have been finding practical solutions to local problems so the community can enjoy the long-term benefit of a healthy and liveable environment.

The Coalition’s National Landcare Programme is investing $1 billion over four years to help support better natural resource management across Australia. This includes more than $450 million directed to Australia’s 56 natural resource management organisations, including the Greater Sydney Landcare Network which does a great job working with local communities to protect the environment and support sustainable agriculture in the Northern Beaches. 

For more information about the National Landcare Programme go to www.nrm.gov.au