Making Childcare affordable

Talking to the many parents of hard working families on the Northern Beaches, and from my own experience raising my daughter, I know that the cost of childcare is prohibitively high. The cost of childcare is often higher than what a parent earns working, making the choice between going back to work and staying at home with your child a difficult one.      

We want better and more affordable childcare and the Turnbull Government is determined to deliver it.

This week we are debating our Childcare reforms in Parliament. They are the most significant reforms to the early education and care system in 40 years. We are working to introduce new arrangements that better target support those who need it, who are earning the least and working the longest hours.

  • We are abolishing the $7,500 rebate cap for families earning less than around $185,000
  • We are increasing the subsidy rate to 85 per cent for our lowest earning families and tapering that down so it is lower for families earning the most
  • We are increasing an hourly fee cap to put downward pressure on the incessant child care fee increases

We want to fix the broken childcare model – but Labor is standing in the way.  Labor would prefer to keep supplements for taxes that no longer exist, keep paying people who already receive parental leave payments from their employers, and pensioners who left Australia years ago. 

The hypocrisy is hard to take when you consider the damage it is doing. For Labor to complain about the increasing costs of childcare while protecting the payments of people who don’t even live in this country anymore is impossible to understand. 

If Bill Shorten and the Labor Party are seriously and genuinely concerned about the difficulties Australian families face, then they would stop blocking our child care reforms.

Our reforms will ensure that the Child Care package is fully paid for and the Budget is sustainable into the future. We will give over a million Australian families relief from out-of-pocket child care cost pressures and provide more children with the opportunity to benefit from early education.

We want to create a better environment for all us parents who want a better future for our families.