Every asylum seeker child has now been removed from Nauru or has had their claim processed and has a clear path off the island, Jason Falinski announced today.


The Liberal Government's strong border protection policies mean we’ve been able to stop the boats and work through the backlog of cases Labor created when 50,000 people arrived on 800 boats on their watch.


Mr Falinski said he was proud that have every child that the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Government's had put in detention were now resettled. 


"Under Labor we saw 50,000 people arrive on 800 boats, tragically, 1,200 people drown at sea.


"Because of Labors policy, 8,000 children were among the 50,000 asylum seekers that were placed in 17 detention centres created by Labor.


"We have closed those detention centres and today, I'm proud to say that no children will be in held in any detention centre," Mr Falinski said.  


Australia has one of the most generous humanitarian immigration programs in the world, but this can only be achieved by maintaining strong borders and insisting people come the right way.


Our Government has secured our borders, stopped the boats and the tragic drownings at sea. And we have been supporting children compassionately without putting our border security at risk.


We have got the balance right.


On our watch we will never let Australia get back into the mess Labor left us when they locked up nearly 8,000 children in detention.