Condolences for tragic murder suicide in Davidson

Mr Deputy Speaker

Today in Davidson a terrible tragedy has occurred.  Police this morning found two children and their parents dead, in what appears to be a murder suicide.  Our community is in shock, and cannot quite comprehend what has happened.  This is a tragedy without meaning. 

Those of us with children will find it hard to understand how this could have happened, or indeed what must have happened to push someone, anyone, to this point.  We often hear of these things happening in other parts, other places, but never in our own backyard. 

Today’s events remind us that there are no boundaries to these tragedies, and there are no places where they cannot happen.  It is not restricted to an age, wealth, position or stage of life.  It can happen anywhere. 

As the member for Berowra reminded us in his moving inaugural speech, we are stronger together, and there is no shame in reaching out and asking for help. 

In the next few days more will become clear, we will need to talk about this, most importantly with their school friends.  In the meantime all we can do is offer our prayers and thoughts to their family, school friends and community.  To our community, we will work to ensure that what little meaning can be drawn from this tragedy is given full voice, so that this may never happen again.