Fight for Phone Reception at Cottage Point

Enough is Enough, in 2019 it is ridiculous that a suburb only 25 kilometres away from the CBD does not have reliable phone reception, and in some areas has none at all.

I am calling on Telstra to take action and improve phone reception in the area immediately.


Let's convince Telstra to improve phone reception at Cottage Point. Sign our petition.

Recently, a resident of Cottage Point suffered a heart attack and his wife had no phone reception in her home to call for help. Distraught she had to run to neighbours and ask them to call 000, before returning to her home to perform CPR.


Sadly, her husband passed away.


My thoughts & prayers are with the deceased family at this difficult time. But, I am extremely angry that in this day and age emergency assistance was out of reach.


I have written to the CEO of Telstra, and the Minister for Communications, the Hon. Paul Fletcher MP calling on both of them to take immediate action and deliver much needed mobile phone reception at Cottage Point.


Please sign my petition so Telstra can see that the community supports updating and improving phone reception in the area. 



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