Falinski Appointed to Chair Vital Parliamentary Tax Committee

When Parliament returns in July, Mackellar MP Jason Falinski will take on the role as Chair of the House of Representatives Tax and Revenue committee.

“Ensuring that hard working people and small business owners pay less tax is the central part of the Government’s economic plan. I am an unashamed believer in people having less financial burdens”, said Jason Falinski.

“When you lower tax you help the economy. Delivering on the tax plan that the Prime Minister took to the election will be the first order of business when Parliament returns.

“We are about to enter a new financial year, and this will be the first time in 12 years that the Government will run a surplus.

“I would like to thank the Prime Minister for the faith he has placed in me through this appointment. This committee has an important role and I look forward to outlining my agenda for the committee over the coming months.”

The Prime Minister said his government was focused on delivering the right policies to grow Australia’s economy.

“Our plan for tax relief isn’t just now but for the future to back our economy, jobs and confidence,” the Prime Minister said.

“A strong economy is the foundation of building a stronger Australia. The quiet Australians spoke very clearly on election day. They want lower taxes, not Labor’s higher taxes.

“Jason Falinski is a hard working local member and a valued part of my team. His expertise and experience will add to the vital initiatives we will drive for the economy over the next three years.”

The Committee’s role is to enquire into any matter referred to it by the House of Representatives or a government minister. It can investigate any pre-legislation proposal, bills, motions and/or review government expenditure, financial matters as well as deliver reports on its investigations to the House of Representatives.

Mr Falinski will formally take on the role once parliament returns on the 2nd of July.