Northern Beaches Council needs to press pause on development

Today, I have called for the Northern Beaches Council to delay any further rezonings or developments until the transport situation on the Northern Beaches becomes clearer. 


Over the weekend we saw yet another example of how transport planning in our area is the proverbial cart before the horse.  Before transport projects are even started, they are already planning on how to fill up our suburbs with more people and more cars.  


The out of touch bureaucrats who run our transport and road systems have outdone themselves this time.

Even before the B Line bus project is finished they have removed the T3 lane, despite the fact that all their modelling shows that it will make matters worse.  No wonder they wanted to keep the decision under wraps, so by the time everyone noticed it would be too late. 


Well I have a message for them: it is not too late, and we will not let you get away with it.


Then we hear over the last week plans for over a thousand apartments in Dee Why and Forestville.  Can they be serious? 


The motion proposed by Cr Stuart Sprott is right on the money except for one thing: it should include the entire Northern Beaches. I am therefore calling on other councillors to support his motion, especially those who in the past have been in favour of increased development without any improvement in transport. 


As for the Pyrmont dwelling transport and road bureaucrats who don’t care about the impact of their decisions on the lives of tens of thousands of families on the Northern Beaches, I have a simple message: if you love development so much then do it where you live, places that have ample public transport, and brilliant access to the city centre, it makes more sense, and maybe, just maybe, you will understand how the rest of us feel. 


Stop looking after yourselves all the time and give the rest of us a go.