General Sir John Monash, GCMG, KCB, VD

"Not lip service, nor obsequious homage to superiors, nor servile observance of forms and customs...the Australian army is proof that individualism is the best and not the worst foundation upon which to build up collective discipline" General Sir John Monash"

It was a great privilege to be able to recognise the contribution of General Sir John Monash to our armed forces and national history in Parliament. 

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Thank you Mr Deputy Speaker.

Almost 100 years since General Monash’s command of the new 3rd Australian Division in the battle of Messines, I stand to add my voice to the chorus of those calling for promotion of one of our greatest Australians.

Sir John Monash was a giant of a man. Part of the generation who helped forge this nation’s identity in the cauldron of war. A man of towering intellect and brilliant military strategy. His bravery and leadership on the battlefield earning him universal respect among his troops.

Yet General Monash was denied promotion and advancement because anti-sematic sentiments at the time. How unjust that a man of his courage and bravery be overlooked for a warranted position because of religious expression. Australia’s early welcoming of the Jewish community was in no small part due to the longstanding and ongoing admiration Australians have held for Sir John Monash.

General Monash’s influence and contribution was not limited to his war service. He was a leading, and valued public figure, working in prominent civilian positions and dedicating his time to organisations such as the Boy Scouts and in early commemorations of ANZAC Day.

It is with great passion that I and the many supporters of General John Monash including Robyn Young and other members of the Beacon Hill branch, endeavour to achieve his promotion to Field Marshal in time for the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War.