Knowing where our food comes from

Where does our food come from?

A question more and more Australians are asking themselves at the supermarket every day.

So far we have lacked unified system, but no longer! I am happy to inform you that the Turnbull Government has undertaken key reforms in this area.

We are rolling out a clear and unified system that will give you information about where your food comes from at the glance of an eye right now. 

Our new country of origin food labels will show you:

  • Food that is grown, produced or made in Australia – these labels will feature the kangaroo symbol with a bar chart showing its percentage of Australian ingredients
  • Food that is packed in Australia – will just show the bar chart with its Australian content 
  • Imported foods – these labels will only show the product’s country of origin.

Starting 1 July next year these changes will be mandatory and apply to all products.

Importantly, imported foods that only undergo minor processing or packaging here cannot claim to be made here or carry the logo.




Consistent definitions

Grown in Australia food labels mean all of the ingredients are Australian grown.

Product of Australia food labels mean all of the ingredients are from Australia and all major processing has been done here.

Made in Australia food labels mean the ingredients come from Australia or overseas and major processing has been done here.

Packed in Australia food labels feature only a bar chart which shows the percentage of Australian ingredients.

Imported foods produced, made, grown or packed outside Australia must have their country of origin on the label.


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