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If you could fix one problem in our local area, what would it be?
What are other local issues in your area we should work on for our community?
If you could raise one issue in the Federal Parliament, what would it be?
Do you undertake volunteer work?
If yes, what type of volunteer work?
Are you involved in any community/sporting groups?
If yes, name of community/sporting groups?
Do you have a preference to receive information in a language other than English (where available)?
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Current education level(s) of children:
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I ALWAYS support the following party:
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Please select the issues that concern you the most.
Are the current tax levels:
Do you support the Australian Government’s tax cuts for workers?
Have living costs put greater pressure on your family budget in the past year?
Reintroducing a Carbon Tax?
Removing franking credits for retirees?
Removing negative gearing on housing investment?
Should health and hospital funding be significantly increased over time by governments?
Do you have private health insurance?
Which do you think is the most effective approach to handling any future COVID-19 outbreaks?
Are you confident in Australia’s approach todelivering COVID-19 vaccines?
Are you concerned about job security?
Which of the following do you believe is the best way the Government can support economic recovery and job growth?
How concerned are you at Australia’s level of deficit and debt?
Which do you think is most important at this time?
How would you rate the condition of the roads you use? E.g. road surface, traffic congestion.
Which is the most important to you?
If you could fix one local road or transport issue, what would that be?
Do you think the welfare system in Australia is:
Do you support the principle of work for the dole?
Generally, do you feel safe and secure in your neighbourhood?
Which of the following crime prevention strategies do you support the most?
Do you support more Government funding forprograms to help deal with drugs such as ice?
Which do you think is the most important for school education at this time?
Do you think there should be a “back to basics” approach in schools, with more focus on numeracy and literacy?
Do you support the Australian Government’s border protection measures?
Is the Government doing enough to keep Australians safe at home?
Do you support measures to cancel the visas of non-citizens who commit serious crimes?
Should the Government do more to support Senior Australians meet increases in living costs?
Do you have a close relative in aged care or transitioning to aged care?
What do you think of Australia’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 26-28% by 2030:
If you could improve one aspect of your local environment, what would it be?
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