Mend it or End it – fixing 18C

Local Member Jason Falinski has applauded the Turnbull Government’s decision to have Parliament inquire into the operation of 18C and D of the Racial Discrimination Act.

I have expressed concerns about the operation of sections 18C and 18D for a long time. The manner in which the Human Rights Commission has handled complaints under these sections has been problematic to say the least. As I said on Sky News last Saturday, We owe the students in the QUT Case a debt of gratitude for fighting the case brought against them and further highlighting the issues with 18C and the Human Rights Commission,said Falinski.

He added: “after years of concern and revelations that companies and governments have spent over $500,000 settling claims under the Act, the Government has taken action. We will be thorough and investigate making changes to both the Act and the Human Rights Commission.”

The Inquiry will report on:

(i)            whether the Racial Discrimination Act (including sections 18C and 18D) imposes unreasonable restrictions on freedom of speech; and

(ii)           whether the Human Rights Commission complaints-handling procedures should be reformed.

“Freedom of speech is a pillar of our democracy and we should encourage the diversity of the views expressed within it. So I encourage all who are interested to express their views to me.” Falinski said.

Jason Falinski MP can be contacted at, Shop 1, 1238-1246 Pittwater Rd, Narrabeen NSW 2101 or emailed on