National Energy Guarantee

The Turnbull Government has announced a National Energy Guarantee that will deliver affordable and reliable electricity for you and your family.

The Guarantee is made up of two parts:

✔A reliability guarantee to ensure that energy is always available 

✔An emissions guarantee to contribute to Australia’s international commitments


The Guarantee means that power companies can use whatever kind of energy technology they wish, so long as they provide reliable supply and reduce emissions over time. This will provide power companies with the certainty to invest in the cheapest and cleanest energy they can, rather than be determined by expensive government subsidies. 

The Guarantee builds on our existing energy policies: making renewables reliable by building Snowy 2.0, securing gas supply for Australia before it is shipped overseas, and ensuring retailers offer consumers a better deal. 

These energy policies, including the Guarantee, will cut the average household energy bill.

Below is a presentation the Minister for Energy gave to the Liberal/National Party Room meeting last week.