Children's Language Program

Language Program for Children in Mackellar

Mackellar MP, Jason Falinski said local preschools can apply to run the Morrison Government’s play-based program that teaches young Australians a foreign language.


The $27.5 million Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) program has already helped educate 110,000 children about foreign languages, across more than 3,500 preschools.

ELLA is a digital, play-based program that introduces young Australians to languages other than English. It can help teach 13 languages: Arabic, Mandarin, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Modern Greek, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese.


Jason Falinski said learning a second language would give students an educational advantage and broaden their horizons.


“ELLA supports children to explore other languages and cultures, inspiring them to continue learning in years to come,” Mr Falinski said.


“Our Government is helping prepare students in Mackellar for the future economy where having a second language will be an enormous benefit.


“Preschool educators don’t need any language training experience to run the ELLA program because extensive support material, offline games, learning resources, and a responsive helpdesk are all provided.


“I encourage preschool operators in Mackellar to apply to run the ELLA program to introduce our children to the joy and challenge of learning a second language.”


The Coalition Government has already provided $11.8 million to expand ELLA into 300 schools for grades Foundation to Year 2. Visit for more information, including eligibility criteria, device requirements and how to apply.




Food Drive in the Office of Jason Falinski

This year I will be hosting a food drive in my office from the 14th of October on behalf of FoodBank. The items will be collected on the 16th of December. 

Hunger is a hidden crisis in Australia with over 3.6 million Australians seeking food relief at some point each year. Half of those are childen.

FoodBank accepts the following items:

- Tinned food

- Packaged goods

- Personal hygiene and laundry products

As you can appreciate no perishables including fresh produce can be accepted. 

If you have any questions please contact my office on (02) 8484 0300





Swimming Grants Available

Northern Beaches MP, Jason Falinski is encouraging local community groups to apply for new swimming grants to enable or improve opportunities for people with disabilities and from diverse backgrounds to enjoy this great Aussie past-time.

Working in partnership with Swimming Australia, the Community Swimming Grants Program allows organisations the opportunity to apply for grants of up to $10,000 and has been delivered as part of the Morrison Government’s $28.9 million Move It AUS – Participation Grants Program.

“Swimming is a big part of our way of life on the Northern Beaches and is a great way to stay active and healthy at any age,” Mr Falinski said.

“However, some people in our community need a bit of extra support to be able to enjoy the benefits of swimming, particularly if they have a disability or don’t have a strong swimming culture in their family.

“These new Community Swimming Grants provide a great opportunity for local community groups to get funding to share the love of swimming with more people across the Northern Beaches.”

Minister for Youth and Sport Richard Colbeck said the initiative aimed to make swimming as accessible as possible so more Australians could benefit from sport and physical activity.

“Within this program, grants may be used to subsidise the costs associated with delivering swimming and aquatic activities such as entry fees, lane hire or membership fees.

“Supporting more Australians to get more active more often is a priority for our Government and we’re delighted to be working with Swimming Australia to deliver greater access to swimming and aquatics for up 3,200 people through this program.

“The Morrison Government has a plan to make Australia the world’s most active and healthy nation. To do that, we need to break down the barriers that limit Australians from being more active.”

The Move It AUS Participation Grant Program is already delivering 62 projects across the country to provide great new ways to get more Australians moving.

The Morrison Government has also committed $36.1 million in the Water and Snow Safety Program for water safety initiatives by trusted organisations including Surf Life Saving Australia, Royal Life Saving Society Australia, AUSTSWIM and Laurie Lawrence Swimming Enterprises.

For more information and to apply for Swimming Australia’s Community Swimming Grants Program, go to

Who can apply for funding?

Organisations with the capability to provide or facilitate the provision of swimming and aquatics activities (including but not limited to learn to swim, water safety, aquatics fitness or play and competitive swimming programs and activities).

Eligible organisations may include:

  • Learn to swim providers
  • Aqua fitness providers
  • Aquatics facilities
  • Swim Clubs
  • Other aquatics sport clubs (e.g. Water Polo Clubs etc.)
  • Community organisations
  • Charity organisations
  • Councils
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • State or Territory Sport Organisations


Media Contact:  Harry Coates 0404 604 487






Drought Assistance

More communities in drought affected Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia will have greater access to drought assistance, thanks to a Liberal-National Government package worth nearly $100 million

The Coalition Government is responding to the ongoing drought with direct and immediate support to help farming families and communities. Member for Mackellar, Jason Falinski said $33.4 million had been made available through the Drought Community Support Initiative to provide immediate financial assistance to eligible households in hardship.  

“Farming households can receive up to $3,000 to spend in their local communities to cover urgent bills such as food, petrol and utilities, taking stress off families and boosting the local economy,” Mr Falinski said. 

“Drought is not just an issue for regional Australia to face alone. All across the country, including on the Northern Beaches, Australians are concerned about what is happening and have written to me urging action.”

“I know this will make a difference in regional communities where they’ve been dealing with drought for years.” 

The Coalition Government will work with the Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul Society to make sure this money hits the ground quickly and gets to those most in need.  Under the Drought Communities Programme Extension another 13 councils will have access to up to $1 million each to complete local infrastructure and drought-relief projects. 

“This will boost local economies, create jobs, engage local businesses and provide a long-lasting benefit to the community and the rural industries it depends on,” Mr Falinski said. 

The government will also simplify Farm Household Allowance applications. The changes will remove business income reconciliation, change the time limit on payment to four years in every ten, simplify the assets test and recognise adjustment. 

"These changes will make FHA quicker and easier to access,” Mr Falinski said. 

The government also announced an injection of $740,000 of contingency funding to five Rural Financial Counselling Service providers who are experiencing pressure from increased demand. 

“We are so fortunate to live here on the Northern Beaches, and while we may not directly feel the impacts of this drought in the same way as regional Australia – I have been amazed by how many Northern Beaches residents are writing to me urging the government to do more, and so that is what we are doing.” Mr Falinski said. 

For more information and to apply for assistance visit


Next Gen ADF Vehicles

Building the Next Generation of Capability for the Australian Army

The first of the fleet of new Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV) for the Australian Defence Force has been unveiled. The 211 new Boxer 8x8 CRVs will be delivered by Rheinmetall Defence Australia under the $5 billion LAND 400 Phase 2 Mounted Combat Reconnaissance Capability project. 

Mackellar MP, Jason Falinski said the new vehicles, with their high levels of protection, firepower and mobility, will provide a world-class capability to the Australian Army. 

“These new vehicles are part of the Morrison Government’s $200 billion investment in our defence capability over the next decade to ensure the Australian Defence Force is equipped to succeed in our challenging strategic environment,” Mr Falinski said. 

“This project presents an exciting opportunity for Australian industry to play a vital role in delivering leading-edge capability and technology to Australia’s Army.” 

"The Boxer project will create around 1,450 jobs nation-wide - a welcome boost for Defence capability and our sovereign defence industry."  

The vehicles will be able to undertake a range of missions from regional stability and peacekeeping through to high-threat operations, and will provide improved safety to Australian soldiers on deployment and on exercises around the world. Over the 30-year life of the vehicles, Australian industry will secure $10.2 billion of the total investment in acquiring and maintaining the fleet. 

Twelve small businesses across Australia have contributed to the production of this first Boxer, ensuring the delivery of these vehicles is a national enterprise. The first 25 vehicles will be assembled in Germany and delivered to Australia as part of technology transfer activities to familiarise Australian workers and suppliers on the specific manufacturing techniques of these vehicles. 

The remaining vehicles will be assembled at Rheinmetall’s Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) facility in Redbank, near Ipswich, using companies located across Australia.



Science Grants Available


People or groups in Mackellar with ideas for exciting National Science Week events for next year are being encouraged to apply for grants.

Grants of between $2,000 and $20,000 for events, workshops and activities focused on science communication and engagement are on offer.

Mackellar MP, Jason Falinski said there were many people on the Northern Beaches who had the ability to host entertaining and educational events for National Science Week 2020 which will run from 15-23 August.

“The idea is to make science fun and accessible to everyone and I urge qualified local people with good ideas to put them forward for grants,” Mr Falinski said.

“Successful grant applications will mean that you can have a positive impact on your community and set an example for others. Let’s get involved and show what the Northern Beaches can do!”

National Science Week is one of Australia’s biggest festivals, with over 1 million people participating in over 2000 events across the nation in 2019.

This year there were 53 projects funded through National Science Week grants, such as learning about healthy lifestyles in North East Arnhem Land, discovering the mathematics of music in Victoria, and exploring sustainability in the suburbs of Western Australia.

Applications for National Science Week grants will be open until 30 October 2019.

To apply for a National Science Week grant go to

To find out more about National Science Week go to


Speech: Celebrating the Baha'i Community

Mr Deputy Speaker,

I rise today to second this motion, recognising the Baha’i community as a valued part of Australian society, and commend their contribution to social cohesion, unity and community. The Australian Baha’i community is a religious group that is widely spread throughout the country.

The Baha’i community come from all different backgrounds with shared commitments to the teachers of their prophet, Baha’u’llah, the prophet and founder of the Baha’i faith. The Baha’is have fought – for over a century – to contribute to social cohesion and harmony in Australian society. They endeavour to nurture the spiritual life of children, youth and adults, and like to offer service to the community.

I am fortunate to say that, my own electorate of Mackellar is home to a Baha’i House of Worship. Opening in Ingleside in 1961 it is one of only eight in the world and embodies the union of worship and service.

The House of Worship represents a spiritual centre for the continent as well as the Sydney community, standing as a beacon where, inspired by worship, individuals arise to serve their community. It is a place where anyone is welcome, where anyone can pray, reflect and meditate while hopefully being inspired to selflessly service humanity, such is the Baha’i way. I have visited the House of Worship a number of times and can attest to not only its physical beauty, nestled away in the beautiful natural environment of Ingleside high enough that it looks out over the pacific ocean, but can also speak to the powerful sense of divinity when inside and around the Temple.

When building the House of Worship, the founder of the Baha’i faith, Baha’u’llah asked that all Baha’i temples be “as perfect as is possible in the world of being”. The physical appearance of the House of Worship is a potent symbol, the outer dome reflecting the inner meaning.

The first Baha’is to arrive in Australia, were John and Clara Dunn, who arrived in Sydney in 1920. From such humble beginnings, the Baha’i community will celebrate its centenary of being in Australia next year. But this year, we are celebrating the bicentenary of the birth of the Bab, the Herald of the Baha’i Faith. The Bab was born in October 1819, in Persia. He was a young merchant when, in 1984, He declared as a Messenger or Manifestation of God.

The Bab’s writing championed spiritual and moral renewal as well as calling on the improvement of the status of women and the situation of the poor. Inspiring thousands of followers to transform their lives and undertake acts of great heroism and sacrifice, the Bab and the Baha’i faith is one of peace, love and respect. Sadly, with his influence growing, the authorities had him executed by firing squad at the age of 31.

It is with great regret that I have to raise the ongoing persecution that the Baha’i community have received in some parts of the world. In Iran, the Baha’is can be subjected to raids on their homes and workplaces, confiscation of property, arrests and long periods of solitary confinement and interrogation. Baha’is have also been persecuted in Yemen, including imprisonment, raids and arrests. They have also been victims of economic persecution and the denial of basic education. I would encourage all people across the world to learn from the teaching of the Baha’i and respect each other, in their own words: “Concentrate all the thoughts of your heart on love and unity”.   

As I conclude in support of this motion, let me share with you the immortal words of Baha’u’llah, “Let your heart burn with loving-kindness for all who may cross your path”.

As we in this place who act in service of our communities, let us burn with loving-kindness as we try to contribute to a better society, like the Baha’i community.

Thank you.

View the speech here: Click Here


Drug Testing Trials for Welfare Recipients

Northern Beaches MP Calls for Welfare Reforms on the Northern Beaches

The Morrison Government will introduce legislation to trial drug testing for new welfare recipients as part of our commitment to remove barriers to employment.


Northern Beaches MP, Jason Falinski said the government is trialling reforms to the welfare system to ensure that the government can identify and encourage treatment for people with substance abuse.


“These trials are about saving lives, not saving money. No one wants to be on welfare and this government is committed to helping those who need it. Once identified, we will be able to assist people pursue treatment to address their substance abuse issues through a $10 million Treatment Fund,” Mr Falinski said.


“The Treatment Fund will boost drug rehabilitation and support service capacity in trial sites.”


The two-year Drug Testing Trial will be rolled out in three locations: Logan in Queensland, Canterbury-Bankstown in New South Wales and Mandurah in Western Australia.


Mr Falinski has written to the Social Services Minister, Senator the Hon. Anne Ruston and invited a trial to take place on the Northern Beaches.


“I would welcome the drug testing trials for welfare recipients on the Northern Beaches. I believe that the people of the Northern Beaches would also be supportive of such, lifesaving measurers. I have written to the Social Services Minister and asked if she would consider an additional trial site.”


The two-year trial will test 5000 new recipients of Newstart Allowance and Youth Allowance (other) for illicit substances including ice (methamphetamine), ecstasy (MDMA) and marijuana (THC), cocaine and heroin.


Welfare recipients who test positive will be placed on Income Management for a period of 24 months or the duration of the trial where 80 per cent of their welfare payment will be quarantined to prevent the money being spent on drugs, alcohol and gambling products.



A second drug test will be scheduled within 25 working days of the initial positive result. After a second positive test, the job seeker will be referred to a medical professional who will assess their circumstances and identify treatment options.


Federal Grant for Solar Panels at the Bayview Golf Club

Bayview Golf Club Secures Government Funding for Solar Panels


The Bayview Golf Club has secured $140,372 from the Australian Government for the installation of solar panels. Construction of these panels has since been completed. Mackellar MP, Jason Falinski has said he is proud to support such initiatives that are helping to reduce our global emissions.  


“The Club will now become a Northern Beaches leader for renewable energy. The solar panels will not only reduce the clubs power bills but will contribute to the government’s commitment to ensuring a more sustainable future.” Mr Falinski said.


The grant was awarded earlier in the year under the Sports Australia – community sports infrastructure grant programme.


“It is great to see organisations like the Bayview golf club, taking the initiative to contribute to a more sustainable future.”


“While the environmental effects of this project are positive, the grant will also allow the club to spend less on its power bills and more towards increasing participation in the sport of golf.”


“The Bayview Golf Club has a number of courses that encourage people of all ages and walks of life to get involved in golf. Not only is it an enjoyable game, but it is a great way to socialise and meet new people. The savings the club will make in power bills will be directly invested back into the game of golf and to provide more courses for their membership.”


The total cost of the project is $154,051.30. The Australian Government will provide $140,372 and the golf club will fund the remaining amount.



Battle for Australia Day

Battle for Australia Day Commemoration

Every year on the first Wednesday of September we commemorate the Battle of Australia. Acknowledging the bravery of all those who served on the home front protecting our shores during the Second World War.

Mackellar MP, Jason Falinski attended the Dee Why, Battle of Australia commemoration today and paid tribute to all Australians who served during that crucial period.

“The Battle for Australia Day commemorates when Australia came under attack, and recognises those who served in the defence of the Australian mainland during World War Two.” Mr Falinski said.

“Thousands of Australia were engaged in actions against Japanese forces during the Battle for Australia, including those who fought off attacks against the Australian mainland. Today I thanked them for their service on behalf of the people of Mackellar. Without their efforts, we could be living in a very different world today.”

Today also commemorates 80 years since then Prime Minister Robert Gordon Menzies announced the beginning of Australia’s involvement in the Second World War. Around a million Australians served in the war in Europe, the Mediterranean and North Africa, south-east Asia and the Pacific.

Earlier in the year, Mr Falinski also commemorated the 77th anniversary of when two Japanese midget submarines entered Sydney Harbour and sunk the HMAS Kuttabul.

“Nineteen Australians also lost their lives when Japanese Midget submarines entered Sydney Harbour and launched a surprise attack in May of 1942 and sunk the HMAS Kuttabul” Mr Falinski said.