Falinski Appointed to Chair Vital Parliamentary Tax Committee

When Parliament returns in July, Mackellar MP Jason Falinski will take on the role as Chair of the House of Representatives Tax and Revenue committee.

“Ensuring that hard working people and small business owners pay less tax is the central part of the Government’s economic plan. I am an unashamed believer in people having less financial burdens”, said Jason Falinski.

“When you lower tax you help the economy. Delivering on the tax plan that the Prime Minister took to the election will be the first order of business when Parliament returns.

“We are about to enter a new financial year, and this will be the first time in 12 years that the Government will run a surplus.

“I would like to thank the Prime Minister for the faith he has placed in me through this appointment. This committee has an important role and I look forward to outlining my agenda for the committee over the coming months.”

The Prime Minister said his government was focused on delivering the right policies to grow Australia’s economy.

“Our plan for tax relief isn’t just now but for the future to back our economy, jobs and confidence,” the Prime Minister said.

“A strong economy is the foundation of building a stronger Australia. The quiet Australians spoke very clearly on election day. They want lower taxes, not Labor’s higher taxes.

“Jason Falinski is a hard working local member and a valued part of my team. His expertise and experience will add to the vital initiatives we will drive for the economy over the next three years.”

The Committee’s role is to enquire into any matter referred to it by the House of Representatives or a government minister. It can investigate any pre-legislation proposal, bills, motions and/or review government expenditure, financial matters as well as deliver reports on its investigations to the House of Representatives.

Mr Falinski will formally take on the role once parliament returns on the 2nd of July.




Northern Beaches MP Jason Falinski has been asked to Co-Chair the Parliamentary Friendship group of Surf Life Saving Australia. CEO of Surf Life Saving Australia, Adam Weir offered Mr Falinski the role off the back of a successful year for the Northern Beaches Clubs.


“It is a pleasure to be Co-Chair of the parliamentary friends of Surf Life Saving. The clubs do an amazing job keeping our beaches safe and deserve a lot of praise.” Mr Falinski said.


“Mackellar has the most number of Surf Life Saving Club’s in a single electorate and don’t I know it when AGM and award season comes around!”


Avalon SLSC was named ‘Club of the Year’ for 2018 and recently celebrated the exciting achievement. Mr Falinski attended their recent celebrations along with the Board of SLSA and the club members.


“Congratulations to club president Ashley Cardiff and all the members on your award. It is great that the Northern Beaches are leading the way in Surf Life Saving across Australia. I look forward to the start of the next season.”


Mr Falinski is the club patron of Whale Beach and Long Reef SLSCs but has a close relationship with all the Northern Beaches clubs.


“A special thank you to Whale Beach and Long Reef surf clubs on their excellent year and for having me on board as your patron.”


Mr Falinski was successful earlier in the year in his fight to secure $2 million for the upgrade of the Long Reef SLS club house.


In his new role as Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Friends of SLSA, Mr Falinski looks forward to working closely with all the surf clubs from Palm Beach down to Manly and advocating for SLSA across the country.




There are 1261 ‘world days’ each year, but of all these one of the most neglected is World Oceans Day, celebrated on June 8. On this day Mackellar MP, Jason Falinski has demanded community commitment to Australia’s marine environment particularly here on the Northern Beaches.


Seventy percent of the world’s oxygen comes from the ocean, and therefore while it may seem self-serving for a beaches community to demand action, an unhealthy marine environment will affect everyone.


“It is our responsibility here on the Northern Beaches to protect our beautiful beaches and waterways. From Palm Beach down to Manly the Pacific Ocean provides us with a big part of our lifestyle.” Said Mr Falinski


Of all metropolitan electorates, Mackellar has the highest number of beaches and has the most Surf Life Saving Clubs.


In the last two years the Australian government have increased marine parks and ecological protection zones by around 60%.


One hundred and sixty-seven million dollars is being spent to combat the amount of plastic waste entering our ocean through the Australian Recycling Investment Plan. This is in conjunction to the pre-existing ban of microbeads made by the liberal government.


“Thirteen million tonnes of plastic are estimated to enter our oceans across the world. This is why I support the Australian Recycling Investment Plan which will reduce the amount of plastics entering the ocean.”


Mr Falinski said: “We all need to think about what we can do to reduce our own use of plastics and non-recyclable materials. The less household rubbish we produce, the less likely it is to end up in our oceans.”


“World Oceans Day is one day that deserves more prominence and as a member of the Northern Beaches, I will continue to advocate for good government policy to protect our ocean environment.”




Thank you to the people of Mackellar. On Saturday we showed our vision for a modern, forward looking, tolerant and welcoming community that values fairness, rewards hard work and provides opportunity for all.


Young people and in particular first time voters endorsed our message of lower taxes, a stronger economy, more jobs and practical, Liberal action on climate change. They overwhelmingly rejected Labor, the Greens and their independent front groups’ high spending, high taxing rhetoric of division. 


I’d like to thank my campaign team, the hundreds of volunteers that dedicated their time throughout the campaign and most of all my family - without your ongoing support we wouldn’t have achieved the nearly 3% swing towards the Liberal Party in Mackellar.


There is no such thing as a break in this job and I will continue to build on the things we have achieved over the last three years. Traffic busting projects like the Beaches Link Tunnel and future rail corridors are essential to ease congestion on the beaches. I promise to continue to fight for lower taxes, a secure retirement and improved lifestyle for the beaches.



Jason Falinski has today announced that the Liberal Government will meet the funding shortfall of $1.9 million for the redevelopments of the Long Reef Surf Club (SLSC) and community facilities.


Member for Mackellar Jason Falinski said the $1.9 million now means the project finally has the green light to go ahead.


"10 years ago this project came before Council. I’m pleased to say, now, after 10 long years all funds are in place and construction can now begin.


"The ball is now in Northern Beaches Council court to start the works," Mr Falinski said. 


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Jason Falinski has announced the Budget will see investments into many sporting clubs on the Beaches. With $500,000 awarded to Manly Warringah Football Association for upgrades to Cromer Park, $170,000 for upgrades to St Matthews Farm and $53,000 to Wakehurst Rugby Club for upgrades to their home ground.


Jason Falinski said this is an exciting time to be involved in sport on the Beaches.


“Our Liberal Government is delivering local infrastructure that our community expects and deserves.


"Cromer Park is one of our elite sporting grounds on the Beaches and the fact that they have a canteen from the 70's with numerous issues isn't up to scratch, we started a petition to get funding for the upgrades and I’m pleased to say that it has now payed off.

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Jason Falinski has launched a new Health Funding Facts website to help families in the Beaches see how they are benefiting from the Morrison Government’s strong track record on guaranteeing essential health services. is a one-stop-shop enabling families to access data on how the Morrison Government is investing in:

  • Record health and hospital funding
  • Historic high bulk billing rates
  • A record number of life-saving medicines subsidised through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).


Jason Falinski said the new online estimator showed  funding for NSW Hospitals growing from $4.308 billion in 2012-13 to an estimated $8.695 billion in 2024-25 because of the Morrison Government’s $30 billion public hospital agreement signed with the states and territories.


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Community organisations and small businesses will get help to reduce their power bills and their carbon footprint through the Liberal Government’s Energy Efficient Communities Program.


Funding is available in two streams:


Community Organisations – grants of up to $12,500 for eligible community organisations is available for funding of small-scale solar energy generation and storage projects. 


Small Businesses - grants of up to $20,000 will be available for small businesses. High-energy using businesses may receive up to $25,000.



Jason Falinski encouraged community groups like Men’s Sheds, community centres, women’s associations, Rural Fire Brigade’s, community owned child care centres, sports clubs, Scout or Guide groups and surf lifesaving clubs on the Beaches to apply.

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Jason Falinski announced $10,000 will be awarded to Manly Warringah Football Association as part of his Stronger Communities Programme. 


Member for Mackellar Jason Falinski said the $10,000 would go towards upgrades of the amenities and the canteen at Cromer Park.


"Cromer Park is one of our elite sporting grounds on the Beaches and the fact that they have a canteen from the 70's with numerous issues isn't up to scratch.


"I will continue to fight for more funding for our sporting clubs and I know there are some great plans ahead, especially for the home of football, Cromer Park," Mr Falinski said. 


CEO of Manly Warringah Football Association David Mason welcomed the funding which will enhance the facilities provided to over 18,000 members.


"Manly Warringah Football Association has over 18,000 registered players, men women and children from all ages. This funding means we can upgrade our amenities and canteen in line with modern facilities and offer our players, parents and families a clean, safe and comfortable environment when they come to Cromer Park to watch local community games and Manly United representative matches.


"Thanks to Jason we are now able to focus on growing football on the Northern Beaches and plan for the future development of Cromer Park, which is the home of football on the Northern Beaches," Mr Mason said.

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Australia will meet its international climate targets without wrecking the economy and driving power prices sky high.

The Liberal Government today announced a $3.5 billion Climate Solutions Package.

Prime MinisterScott Morrison said Australians recognise climate change and the importance of protecting the environment.

“We will meet our global commitments, and do what is right for our environment, without taking a wrecking ball to the economy.

“We have an obligation to preserve the environment for our children. We also have an obligation to hand over a strong economy, where our kids and grandkids can get jobs.

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