Palm Beach foundation awarded $100,000 for supporting Indigenous Languages and Arts

Local MP Jason Falinski announced the SharingStories Foundation has received $100,000 through the Federal Indigenous Languages and Arts program, during an address in Parliament on Monday. The Foundation supports the maintenance and strengthening of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures and languages.

“I would like to recognise the tremendous work Liz Thompson from Palm Beach continues to do with the Foundation. Liz proves that individuals can make a difference, using their expertise to think up new and creative ways to tackle particular issues in our community.” 

“This grant will make a tremendous difference to our capacity to deliver programs that support communities in the production and interpretation of cultural stories in language, in innovative new ways.  SharingStories Foundation is extremely grateful for the ongoing support of the Indigenous Languages and Arts program”, says Liz Thomson.

Working with participating communities, the foundation will develop bilingual, interactive multi‐touch storybooks, which will include animations, photography and interactive maps.

Falinski stressed that “our role as a Government is to provide the necessary framework and facilitate these private initiatives, essentially getting out of the way so these projects can flourish.  Liz and the SharingStories Foundation are a testament to the roll-up-your-sleeves approach and dynamism the people of Mackellar demonstrate in their community contributions.”

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