Pittwater Life Column

Together, we will build a stronger Mackellar.

On Wednesday 28 July this year, the AEC officially declared me as Member for Mackellar. After moving into the Narrabeen electorate office in August, I met with Nigel who asked me to say a few words. 


There are many reasons to run for Parliament, but for me it was the opportunity to represent the community in which I have spent the vast majority of my life. My family has lived here for over 70 years. I grew up here, went to school here, and my wife and I are raising our daughter here. After gaining degrees in Agricultural Economics from Sydney University and an MBA from UNSW, I started my own business manufacturing health care equipment and furniture.

My team and I have started reaching out to members of our community to deliver on the issues you care about. We live in a modern and dynamic community and I will fight for our fair share of transport infrastructure and a faster roll out of the NBN. I will work to bring the network we have already paid for, to every household and business. The next generation of Mackellar residents will have better opportunities to work remotely from home, bringing more jobs to the area, and relieving our overcrowded transport system. 

I will push for investments to ease congestion and improve traffic flow on Mona Vale Road, Warringah Road, Wakehurst Parkway, and Pittwater Road. Over the next five years, the NSW Liberal Government is investing over $500 million to upgrade the roads around the Northern Beaches Hospital and introduce a bus rapid transit system to the community.

Having run a healthcare business, the efficient and high quality delivery of aged care services is something I care deeply about. Mona Vale Hospital must remain a top health care facility, alongside the opening of the Northern Beaches Hospital in 2018.

As your representative in Canberra, I intend to take a leadership position on the preservation of our unique ecosystem and coastal environment. I will push for the completion of the long-overdue Warriewood deep ocean outfall and greater management of our water.

Ultimately, I view Government as a great enabler, not enforcer. Governments should do less, but what they do, they should do better.

My first duty is to represent you. If there is anything I can help with, or you’d like to bring to my attention, please e-mail me at jason.falinski.mp@aph.gov.au or call my office on 02 8484 0300. To stay updated follow my Facebook page Jason Falinski MP and sign up to my newsletter.

I am honoured by the trust you have placed in me and will tirelessly work to preserve and protect our modern and dynamic community. Together, we will build a stronger Mackellar.