Jason Falinski said students in the Beaches would benefit from a record $92.8 billion in Morrison Government funding for schools in NSW and an agreed national commitment to improve student outcomes.


Jason Falinski said every state and territory had signed on to the Morrison Government’s National School Reform Agreement which will unlock record funding for schools in the Beaches.


“The Morrison Government will provide a record $92.8 billion in recurrent funding to schools in NSW from 2018 to 2029,” Jason Falinski said.


“Our record funding will flow to state schools, Catholic schools and Independent schools in our community and the Morrison Government can pay for this record school funding because we are keeping the economy strong.

“Just as importantly, we are ensuring this record funding is matched with record reform to improve how we educate our kids, with more support for teachers and a focus on students learning the core basics of literacy and numeracy.


“The agreement signed with the NSW Government sets out the concrete actions we will undertake to improve student outcomes and better support teachers in the Beaches.


“One of the key initiatives will be the creation of a single student identifier that will follow a student through their school education, and even across state borders, allowing the collation and analysis of comprehensive data to understand how every student is learning and where they need help.


“When it comes to educating the next generation of Australians, the Morrison Government believes local schools should not only receive the funding they need, but that they deliver better outcomes for all students to get the education they need to succeed,” Jason Falinski said.