Stop Labor's Retiree Tax

Labor’s Retiree Tax would hurt retirees and low income earners, by abolishing tax refunds for share dividends. It would punish those who work hard to be self-reliant.


Labor’s Retiree Tax would change the goal posts. It would hike taxes on over 20,000 people on the Northern Beaches and nearly 1 Million Australia wide. 


This is unfair and short sighted, it would lead to more people relying on the Age Pension. Most people affected are not wealthy. In fact, 84% of people who would be impacted are on taxable incomes below $37,000.


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These changes are only the start of Labor’s attack on individuals and families who have worked hard and saved to get ahead. Already they have announced a plan to abolish negative gearing and massively increase income taxes for many Australians. This committee hearing on the Northern Beaches represents an opportunity to send a clear message and build a campaign around this critical issue.


By managing the economy, we can guarantee essential services and keep taxes low. Unfortunately, Labor can’t be trusted to manage Australia’s economy. When Labor runs out of money, they end up coming after yours.


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