Thank you to the people of Mackellar. On Saturday we showed our vision for a modern, forward looking, tolerant and welcoming community that values fairness, rewards hard work and provides opportunity for all.


Young people and in particular first time voters endorsed our message of lower taxes, a stronger economy, more jobs and practical, Liberal action on climate change. They overwhelmingly rejected Labor, the Greens and their independent front groups’ high spending, high taxing rhetoric of division. 


I’d like to thank my campaign team, the hundreds of volunteers that dedicated their time throughout the campaign and most of all my family - without your ongoing support we wouldn’t have achieved the nearly 3% swing towards the Liberal Party in Mackellar.


There is no such thing as a break in this job and I will continue to build on the things we have achieved over the last three years. Traffic busting projects like the Beaches Link Tunnel and future rail corridors are essential to ease congestion on the beaches. I promise to continue to fight for lower taxes, a secure retirement and improved lifestyle for the beaches.