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National Energy Guarantee

The Turnbull Government has announced a National Energy Guarantee that will deliver affordable and reliable electricity for you and your family. The Guarantee is made up of two parts: ✔A reliability guarantee to ensure that energy is always available  ✔An emissions guarantee to contribute to Australia’s international commitments  

Twelve Months of Consecutive Jobs Growth - Employment at Record High

Labour force figures released today by the ABS reflect a continued strengthening in the labour market, with the unemployment rate falling to 5.5 per cent and seasonally adjusted employment rising by 19,800 in September, to a record high of 12,290,200. Employment has increased by 371,500 over the last year -...

Taking Action Now for a More Accountable, Competitive and Stable Banking System

The Turnbull Government is taking action now to build an accountable, competitive and stable banking system, introducing legislation today to enact landmark financial services reform.The banking sector plays an essential role in promoting economic growth and a critical role in the lives of everyday Australians who rely on it.Australians expect...

Banning Animal Testing for Cosmetics in Australia

Australian-made products often use chemicals imported from different parts of the world. So it is all well and good to say, 'We don't test on animals here' but, if we use the data from overseas tests to evaluate the products we allow to market, isn't that implicitly allowing tests in...