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Northern Beaches pharmacies to limit the dispensing and sales of medicines

March 20, 2020

Northern Beaches pharmacies to limit the dispensing and sales of medicines

Northern Beaches pharmacists will now be required to enforce new limits on dispensing and sales of prescription and over-the-counter medicines. Northern Beaches MP, Jason Falinski has supported the decision, however, he has expressed disappointment in the need to take these measures.  

“Medicine supplies in Australia are strong however with many in the community regrettably deciding to hoard medicines, some community pharmacies and wholesalers are reporting temporary strain on the supply of some medicines.” Mr Falinski said.

“The new limits on dispensing and sales of prescription and over-the-counter medicines will ensure equitable access to medicines for Northern Beaches residents.”

These temporary limits will be reviewed at an appropriate stage in the future.

This is an important measure that will ensure Australians have ongoing access to the prescription medicines they need.

The measures have the support of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and the National Pharmaceutical Services Association.

“The decision will be reviewed at an appropriate time, but ultimately we are doing this to ensure that everyone on the Beaches have access to vital medicines.”


From today:

·     Pharmacists will be required to limit dispensing of certain prescription products to one month’s supply at the prescribed dose, and sales of certain over-the-counter medicines to a maximum of one unit per purchase


·     Pharmacists will be strongly encouraged to limit dispensing and sales of all other medicines to one month’s supply or one unit


·     Salbutamol (Ventolin, Asmol and Airomir puffers) inhalers provided on an over-the-counter basis will be subject to new enhanced controls, including requiring pharmacists to confirm that supply is appropriate by confirmation of the patient’s diagnosis and need for supply


·     Pharmacists will be required to locate some medicines, including children’s paracetamol formulations, from front of shop to behind the pharmacy counter to assist in allocating supply equitably.


·     Only one salbutamol (Ventolin, Asmol and Airomir puffers) or children’s paracetamol paediatric product should be supplied per customer.


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