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World Class Innovation on the Northern Beaches

November 26, 2020

World Class Innovation on the Northern Beaches

The Morrison Government is backing Aussie ingenuity, with a local business on the Northern Beaches to receive funding to take their product to new markets.

Concourse Technology has successfully secured an Accelerating Commercialisation grant worth $399,848 to develop self-driving Smart Wheels that are able to be fitted to manual wheelchairs.

These innovative smart wheels allow for precision steering, downhill braking, straight-line tracking and automatic electronic park braking as well as the easy switching of control between the wheelchair user and their carer.

Northern Beaches MP, Jason Falinski welcomed the success of Concourse Technology.

“The Government acknowledges the incredible innovation shown by business owners to find solutions through their products and help us on the road to a post-COVID recovery,” Mr Falinski said.

The Smart Wheels are not only a great example of Australian engineering and design expertise, but being produced here also highlights our advanced manufacturing capability. 

The Founder & CEO of Concourse Technology David MacKay is a proud Northern Beaches resident, he said:

“We are hugely grateful for this Australian Government recognition and assistance, it’s really valuable support that will help us get to our 2021 launch and international expansion”.

“The exciting thing about the Smart Wheels is the impact they can make to the lives of the disabled and elderly globally, and it’s pure Australian innovation that all started here on the Northern Beaches". Mr MacKay said.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme is the Australian Government’s flagship program supporting business growth, innovation and commercialisation. The Government has invested almost

$243 million in commercialisation of new products, processes and services over the last five years, with 503 Accelerating Commercialisation grants awarded to Australian businesses to get their products off the ground.

“Accelerating Commercialisation grants are just one part of the Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme. I encourage all businesses on the Northern Beaches to take time to look to see what support may be available to help your business transform and succeed.” Mr Falinski said.

“Even a conversation with one of their experienced business facilitators may help business owners firm up plans to commercialise their innovation overseas.”

Each of the grants will be matched by industry funding from the businesses.

Through the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, businesses can access expert advice and matched funding grants of up to $1 million to cover eligible commercialisation costs and take their products to market.

More information on the grant recipients is available at You can join the Entrepreneurs’ Programme, and apply for the Accelerating Commercialisation grant at




Video: (Provided by Concourse Technology)

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